British Saints

This selection of the Saints of these Isles have been designed by Annie Shaw and are based on the Byzantine principles of iconography. They are painted in egg tempera on gessoed wooden boards
in the Byzantine float technique.

Saint Christopher

This icon is based on the old frescos now revealing themselves in British Churches. Saint Christopher carries a child across the raging river unaware that He is Christ. The staff  blossoms into leaf  and fruit to prove that the child was Christ.

The fruit symbolises the spreading of the word of God. Christopher wears the red cape of martyrdom.

Size 26 x 36cm




Saint Cuthbert

A C7th Celtic Monk and later Bishop of Lindesfarne Abbey, St.Cuthbert was very important in helping the transition between the Celtic Church, and the new rule of Rome; agreed upon after the Council of Whitby. He stands by the causeway which leads to the Abbey. Farne and Cuthbert Islands are on the horizon. He wears the soft headgear of the period and his cross. The insular design on his apron is taken from the gospel found in his coffin, and reflects his deep love for the Celtic Church. The angel brings him messages from God.

Size 26 x 31cm




Saint Etheldreda Abbess of Ely

St.Etheldreda built a convent at Ely - her dowry by her first elderly husband, King Tondberct who was killed in battle. She was later married to King Egfrith of Northumbria, who was many years her junior. When he grew older he wished to consummate the marriage but Etheldreda fled to Ely followed by his army. The tides cut them off for seven days so the King conceded to her wish to follow God. Neither marriage was consummated.

She wears her Queen’s crown and holds a Saxon Church and the staff which sprung into leaf one night while on her journey to Ely.

Size 18 x 38cm




Saint Hilda

Saint Hilda oversaw the Council of Whitby.

She was very pro the Celtic Christian Church but like Cuthbert acceded to the decision of the Council.

The decorations on her garments show her love of the Celtic Church. Her abbey on the cliff tops with its famous flight of stairs is behind her.

Size 23.5 x 29.5cm




Saint George

Saint George seen here in his armour is the Patron Saint of England. He is a soldier for the faith and wears the red cape of martyrdom.

Size 25 x 33cm